An extremely rare set of original antique Brass Bell Weights reputed to be from the Bank of England and originally used as the regulators for weighing bags of coinage. The 28lb weight carries both VR (Victoria) and GR (George) stamps. All except the 1/2oz are calibrated with lead inserts and the 28lb weight\s insert has a crown stamp initials GR No.8 and Roman Numerals XII. The other sizes are also stamped but wear and tear makes them harder to read. The weights have not been polished there condition is excellent with a delightful period patina showing the marks of use from many years of service. The range of weight size includes: 28lb 14lb 7lb 4lb 2lb 1lb 8oz 4oz 2oz 1oz 1/2oz.

11 Brass Bell Weight Set

SKU: VIN00256