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LYR Ex Horwich Loco Dept

LYR Ex Horwich Loco Dept

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Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway 12in dial mahogany cased drop dial railway clock, originating from the engineering centre of the LYR, ‘Horwich Loco Dept’. The wire driven English fusee movement has notched rectangular brass plates with turned pillars and is in good recently cleaned condition. Complete with pendulum and key, the movement runs well and keeping good time. The original LYR dial has survived a long railway service life without updating and retains the hand painted clock manufacturer details JOHN AGAR, BURY. The attractive case is in good condition with pendulum viewing window and decorative side ears. Typical of LYR clocks, the rear is branded twice with the company initials and top face retains the original LYR steel identification plate, sadly no longer clearly readable. Also, written in black ink on the inside of the side door is the original service location ‘Horwich Loco Dept’ with later addition, LMS oval brass identification plate No.10197 fixed to the case side.
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